Senin, 22 Desember 2008


Gee day mate..i'm lil bit sleepy today, but fortunately it didn't ruin my teaching this morning..last night (december 21, 2008) i saw Arsenal's match, it was lil bit creepy finding that Arsenal was gaining 1-1 draw against liverpool. before i continue the sad story about last night's match, i'm going to tell you about why i love Arsenal so much. at the beginning, i started watching liverpool players in the field like John Barnes and Rush, and i began to like them. but it turned out when my dad went to London and bought me Arsenal scarf. i was curious at that time because i'd never heard about Arsenal before. when i saw the Arsenal's match on tv, i found that Arsenal held a superb play at that time. suddenly, i realized that liverpool didn't fit on me. now i'm holding the responsibility as Arsenal Indonesia Supporters Semarang's Secretary. one reason (two actually) why i like Arsenal is the elegant (and beautiful) play shown by the gunners. some critics say that they are not showing a simple game, but i think that result is the goal. to win is that we aim for, right dudes? furthermore, Arsenal have a blazing spirit, they armed themselves with some restless teenagers who dying for victories. for me as a young and energetic person (hah), it can be a reflection to myself. Arsenal sometimes play bad, but do we have to conclude that being young means inconsitency? is there something wrong with my Arsenal? or is it just a kind of mismanagement? we have to dig deeper about this stuff. i myself always have a reflection about something that i've done so far. i think Arsenal realize that, although there are some frictions among members, but i think they play with if i take this into my life account, i realize that i should do my life with heart..(i'm pretending to be wise haha)..cherio

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