Sabtu, 20 Desember 2008


hey chunks..what's up..yap it's sunday again and i still doin some crappy stuffs..doing laundry, gardening, watchin boxing (sucks), bla bla..but something shot my mind this morning, when i watched TV and i turned my channel, i saw mr. bean, yeah you guys know mr. bean, don't you?he's the one with idiotic face and cynical smile. but i realized that he actually taught me something this morning.he was on the train and sat in front of lousy man..he stunned me bean was reading a book!what a wonderful thing shown by an idiotic person like him. as an indonesian, i realize that we rarely read a book to accompany us, do you guys wanna compare yourselves to bean? i bet that you dont wanna get any further similarities with him. but can we see at his habit?reading a book (maybe it was a so so book) may influence our brain can raise your sense of knowledge, you can prove to your girlfriend/boyfriend that you're really-really smart asses...i think that mr.bean has taught me something this morning..i didn't laugh, i cried inside...

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