Selasa, 23 Desember 2008


yoo dudes..i got a story for you today..when i read my FHM, i saw John Cena's interview with FHM. when i saw through the background, i found it was interesting because there're so many children seeing smackdown..well there're some adults too (i mean "very old adult"). guys, when i compare to indonesia, i find it a lil bit scarry because many children in indonesia try to copy that kind of actions. what make of this? eduaction stuff? parents stuff? or inside stuff (hmm..sounds basketball)? i think they're connected to each other. tvs have regulations that have to be followed, they are strict and mean, so i think that tvs won't easily broadcast rough programs. parents should give an understanding to children that WWF (oops not panda with muscles) is a cabaret with muscles and fake blood. teachers should play their part too, they should give an image with knowledge (oops certification problems), and children should think wisely (oops do children in Indonesia have this?) come on guys, let's bring indonesia to the better future..

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